Welcome to Adult Adoptee Support

Adult Adoptees Support forum is an adoptee-centered support forum. This forum was created by adoptees, and is owned, administered and moderated by adoptees. We have created this forum to be a safe and private place for adoptees to talk to other adoptees. In order to do that, all of our forums are private, which makes the forum appear to be inactive. Please be assured that we are an active, growing adoptee community.

Our focus is simple: We are here to provide support for the adoptee in the process of dealing with adoption issues.

Some of our members are pro adoption, some are anti-adoption, many will fall somewhere in the middle. All posters MUST remember that SUPPORT is the core of this forum, NOT politics. This board was created for the very real individuals dealing with the fall out of adoption in their lives. There are other boards for antis and pros. This is not it.

This forum is based on the ideal that adoptees need a place of their own: to support one another and to learn from one another without
having to balance our feelings against other members of the triad. That can be done elsewhere, but here, adoptees are at the center.
This forum is the inside of adoption looking out. It starts with US, the children of adoption, now adults, with voices that need to be heard and words that we need to speak.

We acknowledge wounds and scars here. We acknowledge loss and grief here.

While we acknowledge being adoptees to be our common thread, we also acknowledge that adoptees have different depths of feeling and ways of dealing with our adoption. We want to be able to support adoptees regardless of their political or personal views of adoption and expect that the members and posters will respect their fellow adoptees in ALL stages of their growth.